Diamond grinding is one way to prepare an even surface and avoid blast lines. We have multiple grinders to service the demands of any job size from residential rooms to commercial warehouses. Floor grinding also smooths out the elevation imperfections in the concrete. Grinding, leaves the floor ready for installation with a smooth profile.

Why Choose Lift Off Floor Removal

This Process can Remove

  • Dirt
  • Paint
  • Thin Set
  • Coatings
  • Glue Residue
  • Mastics
  • Adhesive
  • Old Stains


Dust Control and Debris Removal

On every job dust control and debris removal is important. We specialize in dust control during your floor removal. We seal off the work area to contain the dust and keep the rest of the building or home free of dust. Our dust control includes using plastic tarps and tape to cover the light fixtures, draperies, cabinets, counter tops, art work, and stair banisters to ensure they stay clean. We put up dust walls between work areas and non-work areas to contain the construction dust.

Home owners and contractors alike love this service. The best part is that our dust control and debris services are included in the price of every job we bid. There is no extra charge.

“Thank you, Your crew did a great job!”
Kirk McKillop

Roseville California


We specialize in dust-controlled home floor removal, sealing off the work area to contain the dust and mess, leaving the rest of your home spotless while we get your floors ready for the next step.


We take on jobs in floor removal, grinding, and polishing, from restaurants to shops to entire grocery stores. We seal off the work area and remove all debris once work is done, leaving you with a spotless commercial space.


We have years of experience in concrete floor diamond grinding and polishing, staining, and sealing for the sleekest look possible on your industrial flooring. As always, the dust and debris are contained and removed when the job is done.

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